Cristiano Ronaldo is an Example for ‘youth’


Jorge Mendes, the super agent from Portugal has praised his fellow countryman and client Cristiano Ronaldo as the best ever athlete the world has seen. He also praised the Real Madrid ace for his off the field actions, saying the player is not just the greatest athlete but a very good human as well. ‘Cristiano Ronaldo is an example for youth,’ YES ! The way his fans adore him and kids love him, he is an example for the next generation.

Apart from his footballing genius, Cristiano Ronaldo is famous over the world for his charity works and kind hearted services. Considering how rich he is, it is not a big spend for him, but how many of the rich we have seen voluntarily helping the poor and the needy? Only a very rare will do that and Cristiano Ronaldo is topping that list too. Mendes did not fail to point that out to praise how big hearted the Portuguese is. he also said Cristiano Ronaldo will win the BEST HUMAN AWARD too if something like that is being awarded every year, but sadly for the Portuguese, there is no such award.


Cristiano is the best athlete in the world and of all time, and if there were a prize to distinguish the best person, he would also win it because he’s a great father and friend.

Cristiano is the best example for our society and youth. Not only is he known for his footballing quality but also in terms of humanity. He’s an example of determination and ambition on and off the field,” told Jorge Mendes.

Mendes is one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s very close friends in the football world, also the pair has a very good relationship outside the player’s contract details. Ronaldo surprised his friend with unimaginable gifts in the past, so it looks the word of praise Ronaldo receive from Mendes are nothing surprising. But, whatever Mendes told was right, though Ronaldo may not be the greatest athlete ever as per Mendes said, he is undoubtedly one of the best human beings in the world.