Real Madrid Transfer News – The Blancos maintain Awful Silence


Real Madrid Transfer News: Who would have expected the Los Galactico to be ‘very quiet’ in the summer transfer window? They bought in Morata from Juventus and retained Asensio who had a very good loan spell. But it’s not the kind of signing which sells millions of jersey’s in a week, that Perez likes. To top this, Jese left to PSG and no one was bought as a replacement. Though Asensio is playing Jese’s share of playing time, it did not add up considering Perez’s philosophy.

Just Like last season, Real Madrid is closing the transfer window without a ‘Galactico’ signing. Last year De Gea, Hazard, Reus, Aubameyang, Lewandowski kept doing the rounds. But this season, no such rumours were made. It’s turned  out to be a WOLF WOLF cry all over again. But Madrid staying silent this window does make sense in many aspects, the team looks sharper and ‘is all set’. The team do not need any major adjustments. Zidane has one of the most settled squad in Europe at his disposal.

Real Madrid Transfer – Why the Blancos Don’t need new recruitments

When Zidane took over, Many were sceptical including me, but for some reason, the man seems like Ancelotti version 2.0. A calm head and Tactics which match the calmness.

Academy Players and Improving Young Talents

But one thing which has come across in his tenure is his trust in youth than star names. Yes, you heard it right, Real Madrid trusting it’s youth than the mega-buck signings. Casemiro, Mayoral, Asencio, Mariano, Vasquez have all started to thrive under Zidane. With Asencio proving his mettle right away keeping James Rodriguez rooted to the bench, the Star Player in world Cup 2014 by the way and Colombia’s Captain.

Real Madrid needed a replacement to Benzema sooner or later and there is no better replacement than Morata. Real Madrid’s Striker’s have this odd role of not being a striker most of the times. Expected to gain space for the Wingers to cut inside. Benzema has done that job admirably over the past few seasons. Morata though seems like a natural replacement for him now. With his Pace and Height, he’s a threat in the air as well his close control of the ball makes him dangerous inside the D-box.

Already the front three of Vasquez, Asencio and Morata have shown what they are capable of in the pre-season friendlies. They were also very impressive in the season opener when there was no Ronaldo or Benzema available. It’s hard not to be convinced that Madrid does not need a signing after seeing such a Young and Hungry Youth team who give their all.

A Complete, Talented and Settled Squad

This brings us to the Midfield, Kroos-Modric-Casemiro !! Find one other team with a Midfield which has this passing skills and tenacious ability !! You are going to have a hard time doing that. Not a lot of teams have the players to match this midfield and with Kovacic, Isco and James on the bench? You can say Real Madrid has the best midfield in Europe. Even Enzo showed his skills in the pre-season and is waiting in the wings. I believe you can get a clear idea of why the transfer window is silent.

Bring us the Eternal Powerplay in the Boardroom !! It’s a known fact Casemiro will never be Perez’s favourite due to him being a defensive player. Casemiro is not a ‘Galactico’ after all and Madrid has lost significant talents wi But Zidane has experienced the downfalls of the Makelele transfer saga on the pitch. So you can be pretty sure there is someone putting a foot down and stating Casemiro is the most important player in that midfield when transfer discussions came across. He sure will not like to experience the same tragic drama on the field with being a head coach as well

So has Real Madrid actually regressed in sending players out on loan and selling some of its stars without any Star replacements? The answer is a BIG NO, at least at this point in time.