Zlatan Ibrahimovic used dope, claims former Swedish athletics chief


Zlatan Ibrahimovic used dope, claims former Sweden Athletics coach Ulf Karlsson. The former Sweden national athletics chief claimed he is aware of the fact that Zlatan Ibrahimovic doped to gain weight at Juventus which he brands ‘impossible’ without illegal substances.

While Zlatan Ibrahimovic was playing for Juventus as a 23-year-old youngster he gained 10 kilos of weight in a short time. According to Karlsson, the Swedish international was using illegal substances to gain weight and he expressed that it is easy to use such substances in a team sport where the regulations are not so strict to ban these.

“Zlatan put on 10 kilos in six months during his time at Juventus. I think he was doping, that’s how it seems to me. He put on 10 kilos of muscle in six months. It’s impossible to do that in such a short space of time,” said Karlsson.


Karlsson even admitted that he used illegal substances on some of his athletes during his four years at the helm of Sweden Athletics. Karlsson guided his country to a European Championship, a World Cup and Olympic gold during his time from 2001 to 2004.

The Sweden chief also blamed the Turin-based club for encouraging such acts as he pointed out at another Sweden footballer Albin Ekdal who formerly played for Juventus. Ekdal is a midfielder currently playing for Bundesliga side Hamburg. The 26-year-old spent two years with Juventus making only 3 appearances for the club.

“Albin Ekdal [Hamburg and Sweden midfielder] put on eight kilos while he was at the club. I think there was a culture of it at Juventus. They had a club doctor who was suspended for 22 months,” added Karlsson.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has never failed a single doping control in his elaborated career and may even sue Karlsson over his comments. Ibrahimovic is one of the best strikers in the world for a quite long time and it is extremely hard to believe the doping claims since the player has played in different leagues of Europe.