Zlatan Ibrahimovic to assist Jose Mourinho at Manchester United


The renown goal scorer will assist his former boss at the Old Trafford once Jose Mourinho takes over the reigns from Louis van Gaal, claims Aftonbladet. Zlatan Ibrahimovic to assist Jose Mourinho ! That sounds good, but will the Swede take a coaching role ? Needs to be answered by the player himself. Zlatan always had his own way of answering questions and we can expect a good reply from him this time since it involves Jose Mourinho whom he respects a lot.

Ibrahimovic is out of contract at Paris Saint-Germain and has confirmed that he will leave the Frech champions after spending four great seasons, winning four Ligue A titles in a row and 8 other accolades. Also, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is Paris Saint-Germain’s all-time leading goal scorer. In December 2013, The Guardian ranked Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the world’s third best player only behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Zlatan has achieved plenty in his career as a player and now it is reported that he is ready to take up a coaching role and that too under a man he admires a lot and respects boundlessly.

Zlatan and Jose Mourinho spent a great season together at Inter Milan during 2008-09 winning the Serie A title and the Supercoppa Italiana. Ibrahimovic won the ‘Footballer of the year’ and ‘Best Foreign Footballer of the year’ awards that season.

Zlatan - Mourinho - Pep
Zlatan Ibrahimovic to assist Jose Mourinho at Manchester United

In many occasions, both the player and the manager expressed their interest in regrouping once again as both feel they have some unfinished job to do together. Mourinho tried to sign Ibrahimovic for Chelsea last summer, but the player’s wage bills were not encouraged by the Chelsea board and the transfer was not even discussed. The first player to be linked with manchester United after the reports of Jose Mourinho joining the Red Devils is, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Though the player has a good relationship with Mourinho, it is no guarantee that he will take up a coaching role. Maybe he will play under Jose Mourinho and retire, but will he give up his playing career and a chance to win the most decorated English Premier League title as a player to become a staff under Jose Mourinho? Hardly makes sense. Zlatan Ibrahimovic to assist Jose Mourino – will happen someday, but for now, Ibrahimovic still has top level football in him and is very unlikely that he will give up his playing career for the sake of a coaching role.