THREE Spanish players set to miss Euro due to Sexual allegations


After all those out-of-mind saves in the English Premier League this season, David De Gea is on the watch out to be saved from sexual allegations he is reportedly involved in.

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA - JUNE 01: David de Gea of Spain waves to the fans as he leaves the pitch after the warm up before the kick-off during an international friendly match between Spain and Korea at the Red Bull Arena stadium on June 1, 2016 in Salzburg, Austria. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

With less than a day to face the Czech Republic in Euro Cup opener, Spanish police sparks report from Torbe case – a trial which is investigating abuse of minors, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking. Spanish and Manchester United goalkeeper, David De Gea is alleged to have arranged a sex party back in 2012 to entertain two of his teammates, as told by one of the two sexually harassed girls to El Diario. It was stated that the crime took place in a hotel room where both the players assaulted the girls while Torbe assured to pay them huge.

Speaking at the press conference on Friday, De Gea said, “The first person who was surprised by this news story was me. It’s a lie.” Torbe, the Porn actor and producer carried out the network while De Gea is believed to set up the party though he did not participate. Also, De Gea refuses to accept the Whatsapp conversations he had with Torbe.

“This will only make me stronger. It’s false.”

“Those who know me well, know that this is false; my family’s mind is at ease. It’s now in the hands of my lawyers.”

“I don’t know where these things come from.”

According to AS, the Spanish police’s report on the witness’ statement states the following:

“Having brought TP3 (Protected Witness 3) to the room with the other girl, Torbe told her that they had to be with the footballers, and that they had to do whatever they wanted and that they [the girls] would earn significant money. When TP3 refused, Torbe took her roughly by the arm, saying they had to do whatever the footballer wanted, having sex with the new girl and her”.

“Both the new girl and TP3 were sexually assaulted by the footballers, given that if they refused they were physically attacked by both, and moreover, having satisfied the sexual desires of both players, the footballers threatened them in order to ensure that what had happened in the room would never be heard about. Neither TP3 or the other girl who was in the room received anything for the physical and sexual assault they suffered, with Torbe taking all the earnings”.

The party was seen to bear physical abuses too. Spanish police claim the eyewitness’ report to be ‘highly credible’ and hence, the case is under severe progress. Though she sounded certain in identifying Athletic Bilbao player Muniain, the other player is yet to be known. But reports from El Confidencial proves Real Madrid playmaker Isco to be the unidentified figure in the incident.


This leaves David De Gea in a state of chaos as we could foresee him being dropped out from the Spanish International side by Del Bosque.