We are scared of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s powers


Zlatan Ibrahimovic !! A man of towering height, solid physique, and witty comments freaks out many. Hence, he goes by the tagline – ‘Dare to Zlatan’.

Many are Zlatan’s victims, on and off the field. But Italy’s Daniele de Rossi doesn’t wish to be the former [Maybe neither] when his side takes on Sweden in a compelling clash. Rossi warns about the malicious threat Ibrahimovic could pose despite his dull performance against Ireland.

Also, Rossi was full of praises for the Swedish International who scored 62 international goalsĀ by comparing him with Dutch Legend Van Basten.


Ibrahimovic is the best forward since the time of Van Basten, except for Ronaldo, but they are different players.

“We are a little bit scared of his power and his talent but we can beat them the same way that we can beat Belgium – with organisation and by working hard on the training pitch.”

The AS Roma midfielder also had a word on Sweden’s presumably possible tactics.

‘Maybe they have less talent than Belgium so they will probably wait in their half and try to play counterattack with long balls,’ De Rossi told reporters in France.

With so much shrieks and scares around Zlatan, the PSG icon seems to be as cool as himself, when asked about what drives him motivated, he replied ‘The legend can still deliver’.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
After displaying stunning back-to-back seasons at the French capital, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is poised for a re-union with his old Inter Milan companion, Jose Mourinho, at Old Trafford this summer.

As the player enters the last years of his top-level football career, many feel the Swede has lost his touch and will not feature big neither for his country nor the club he joins, but Zlatan Ibrahimovic is adamant that he still has everything to shine in the biggest stages so Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese is keen on a reunion with his former player and it is reported that the player already has a contract agreed.