‘Ronaldo, a sore loser’- Arnason sparks outrage.


It really frustrates when you prevail being the better team on the field but fail to win maximum points. Hence, the obvious aftermath is to prove by making a point off the field. So did Cristiano Ronaldo, following Portugal’s 1-1 ragging draw against Iceland on Wednesday at St.Etienne.

Iceland marked their first ever goal in a major tournament when Nani’s first half goal was seen cancelled by Birkir Bjarnason.

The Real Madrid ace went on to criticise his opponents by kicking in furious comments at their game tactics, so as to bring their ‘small mentality’ in trying to fetch a point rather than a win. Ronaldo also condemned their celebrations and blasted that they celebrated as if they have won the Euro Cup.

The saga continued when not less than a day did Iceland defender Kari Arnason reverted to Ronaldo’s comments. He sparked an outrage by labelling the Portugal forward a ‘Sore Loser’. Though he denied Ronaldo sprinting through in the back line, his comments were nowhere near to show his class off the field.

“It makes it even sweeter when he’s a sore loser like that,” he said.

Further , he sprayed salt to the wound by luring in Lionel Messi for a mini comparison and declared the Argentine is always ‘One step ahead of him’.

“We got a draw and could have nicked it. Obviously, we’re not going to create as much chances as a fantastic team like Portugal but his comments are the reason why Messi is always going to be one step ahead of him.”

“I mean, he can say whatever he wants. He didn’t really get a chance today, he got one and he couldn’t put it away. What can I say? Sore loser.”

On a fair note, Cristiano left his fans grumbling, missing a few noteworthy chances that should have propelled his side to the top of the group.

“He had a header in the final minutes of the game and a chance in the first half but otherwise I thought we had him under control.”

“We didn’t set up to man mark him or anything, we just had to know where he was at any given moment and that he will shoot from outside the box and that everything has to be blocked.”

“He’s a fantastic footballer but he’s not a gracious human being and the thing is we almost nicked the win so him saying we weren’t going for the win contradicts that.

“It shows we got under his skin. It was lovely to hear that.”

Portugal was expected to rein group toppers with ease. Given the opening result, Fernando Santos is under pressure to pick his momentum from the next game and carry out further.