Ronaldinho was better than Messi and Ronaldo


Ronaldinho was better than Messi and Ronaldo : Anderson Luís de Souza, simply knows as Deco has claimed that his former Barcelona teammate and Legendary Brazilian midfield master Ronaldinho Gaucho is more talented that the La Liga pair who are dominating all the top individual awards for almost a decade. Deco who played alongside Ronaldinho and Messi at Barcelona also seen Cristiano Ronaldo closely with the Portugal National team. The Brazilian-born Portuguese opted to play for the Portugal side and made 75 caps.

Ronaldinho was better than Messi and Ronaldo, claims Deco

Deco who has seen the three players very closely personally thinks the Brazilian wonder player is more talented and skilled than the other two greats. Though Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are considered as the two best players of the current generation, Deco thinks his former Barcelona teammate possessed skills that no one on this Earth can have, he said Ronaldinho’s skills were gifted by God, his skills were more natural than Ronaldo or Messi’s who work really hard to keep their level high. According to Deco, Ronaldinho did not need those heavy works to change a game, a simple touch of his feet can change it.

Ronaldinho was more talented than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. When we didn’t know what to do, he would create chances to score.

Ronaldo was young, athletic and very competitive. Messi worked hard to do what he does now with the ball for Barca, but what Ronaldinho had was completely natural, he had a special ability. Every time we gave him the ball, he would score a different type of goal.

Ronaldinho who is considered as one of the greatest ever Brazilian footballers of all-time has won all possible a footballer can win in his glorious career playing for Barcelona, AC Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain. Though Ronaldinho has achieved big things which Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo can only dream of, the way the pair dominate the football world is beyond the limits. They are sharing the World Player of the Year award among themselves for almost a DECADE and are still in their prime form, unlike Ronaldinho who is often criticised for his short period of excellence.
Ronaldinho was better than Messi and Ronaldo !! Ronaldinho may be a better natural talent than Messi and Ronaldo but the rivalry between Messi and Ronaldo is HISTORIC and they really are the best footballers of this generation.