Real Madrid defended like an Under-10s team, slams former Galactico


Real Madrid’s famous Galactico team member Steve McManaman has slammed his former team’s players for defending like children in their 2-0 shocking loss to Wolfsburg in the UEFA Champions League. “Real Madrid defended like an Under-10s team,” fired the former Galactico while he was talking to the BT sports.

Steve McManaman who played alongside current Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane in the Galactico era was angry that the Real Madrid players lacked communication. McManaman felt that the Real Madrid defenders played like they are playing just for the very first time together who looked like strangers on the pitch when played together.

“I thought they were woeful, I really did. From the highs of getting a good result on Saturday to really low lows tonight.”

“Defensively the right-back and left-back were just all over the place, coupled with Pepe and Ramos who looked like they hadn’t played with each other before.”

“I was astounded as to how bad they were. I expected a real calm, measured performance as well.”

“It was like schoolboy, Under-10s or Under-12s defending. (In the second goal) Marcelo walks across with his arms behind his back and Arnold gets two yards ahead of Ramos,” slammed McManaman.

But the former Los Blancos attacker praised his colleague Zinedine Zidane for his efforts as Real Madrid coach and felt that the defeat was not be blamed on the coach, but fully on the players.

“It seems like the manager just prays on the sidelines that they get it together. It looks as if they just freestyle.”

“It just looks horrific. You can’t blame the manager because he’s just said to the same team which played against Barcelona on Saturday – apart from Danilo – ‘go out and do it again’,” he added.

Real Madrid host Wolfsburg at the Santiago Bernabeu on April 12th where the Los Blancos are expected to recover from the stumbling block they suffered in the German soil. With a healthy 2 goal cushion, Wolfsburg will not allow Real Madrid to take revenge easily but as we all say nothing is predictable in football.