Marouane Fellaini, a Changed Man under Mourinho


It’s been three seasons till Marouane Fellaini has set his first step in Manchester United jersey but the Belgian had been having a flop show thoroughly. The central midfielder came to United under David Moyes, his former Everton coach. A 27 million Euros were spilled to make his move possible and over the years he had endured a very difficult period. Good news for Devils, the trends are about to change.

Jose Mourinho delivering confidence –

Till today the new Manchester United boss has been very supportive to the player. From the begging Jose has been very open and supportive about Fellaini. We have caught Jose quoting

“But maybe a simple phone call the day after my presentation as Manchester United manager changed a lot because I told him ‘forget everything you read, for me you don’t leave, for sure”

This is the first thing every player needs to have. His manager’s faith in him will not only provide Fellaini the space to breath but also will make him confident of his presence.

Fellaini’s position in Mourinho’s squad

LVG made the Belgian midfielder play the role of a striker and a withdrawal striker under circumstances. Playing off position has not only shaken Fellaini’s confidence on the other hand the player was forced to look confused the whole season.

Mourinho with enough players around the positions has already given Fellaini his own job back that is to play a defensive role in central midfield.

In the first three matches we have seen Marouane Fellaini go back to his old position and play the basics and the man looked pretty well. Surely this is not the best days of his life but the situation around vibes strongly that the man is gaining his presence very well.

With Morgan Schneiderlin, Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera playing the attacking pivot from the centre Fellaini will generate high back up and destructive defending from his very own position and that is what Jose Mourinho is been upto!

“Then I think the more organised the team play, the easier for the players it is to feel confident. He’s playing well, with Carrick, with Herrera, with Paul.”

Finally the player is destroying the opponent counter attacks running the midfield vertically and horizontally through pout the match. The hard tackles, destructive body play, defensive headers before the balls reaches the central backs; the player is doing what it takes to be a genuine shield. However, under Jose’s supervision we can assure, in two months United supporters will realise the defensive and counter attacking outcome of this player. The change has begun.

Wrap Up:

Jose Mourinho’s man management skills have been put under microscope a lot of times. The arrogant coach was never seen so supporting, and that is what Fellaini needed most at this point of time.