Jose Mourinho needs ‘MAGIC’ to win English Premier League


Jose Mourinho needs ‘magic’ to win English Premier League, jokes former Manchester United forward¬†Andy Cole. The forward who spent a large part of his professional career at the Old Trafford as a striker has jokingly suggested that the new Manchester United will need ‘magic’ if he wants to win the English Premier League in his first year as the head coach. Jose Mourinho, renown for his winning abilities is just appointed as the manager of Manchester United who has not been playing to their usual standards since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement.

Jose Mourinho needs ‘magic’ to win English Premier League, Andy Cole

Jose Mourinho who is always considered as the ‘perfect’ replacement for the great Sir Alex Ferguson by a large set of United fans had rejected the chance to manage Manchester United and joined Chelsea back in 2013. The former Real Madrid boss has six seasons (Five and a half to be exact) of experience in the English Premier League in which time he won THREE League titles. So, it’s obvious that he is expected to give a tough competition for the League title every year. Cole insisted that Mourinho’s experience may be of better help to him:

If Jose Mourinho comes to Man Utd and wins [the Premier League] in the first season I think that would be like Dynamo the magician.

It would be fantastic. He’s under no illusions how tough it’s going to be to come to Man Utd and try and win the Premier League the first season.

Cole also asked the fans to be realistic in their expectations and believes a top 4 finish should be a ‘must’ for Jose Mourinho in his first season as Manchester City manager. If the Portuguese manages to win the EPL, then it’s sure would be a ‘magic’ win for him as Andy Cole said.

Fingers crossed we have a better season than we did last season.

Finishing in the top four has got to be a must. New manager and new players as well, it should be a good season

United finished fifth in the league table last season and will be missing out the Champions League football which will definitely not please Jose Mourinho, a man who has a sound pride to keep in the Elite European competition.