Daniel Didavi – An emotional letter before parting


Daniel Didavi, VFB Stuttgart’s hero this season; has suddenly brought about much criticism from his fans; after a controversial decision by the player to move to VFL Wolfsburg.

The player moves out on a free transfer to Wolfsburg. In the light of such a move to a non-traditional club like VFL Wolfsburg. He has drawn the hate,criticism and to a far extent; has received death threats from Stuttgart fans.


Alarmed by such an obvious, but yet a far too cruel response; Daniel Didavi had sought to address the fans of Stuttgart on the social networking site Facebook.

This is the English translation of the Nurtigen native:

Hello people.

Firstly, I wanted to get rid of the hate. We live in a world with many problems and the incredible suffering, injustice, violence and hatred. Football is one of the most wonderful things in our life that makes us forget such hate and suffering at least for a short time and bring people from all sorts of countries of origin and walks of life together. That’s why we love football. And at the end of the day we are all just footballers and people. I am also at the end of the day, just a human being like you. It is clear to me, that criticism is part of my job and this is also totally fine, just as the emotions are one of them. But there are simple things like hatred and insults, which, in my opinion, go too far. I haven’t got anyone “killed” or harmed anyone, but this is me just after 18 years of VFB Stuttgart for a new challenge in life.

The last thing I wanted to get rid of another one. And this is not a blah blah from me. Since the f-Youth I’m a VFB’er. Not many can say that about themselves. I will forever remain vfb fan. Will never forget how I as a fan, in 2007 the championship was celebrated at the stadium or the dramatic 2004 victory over Manchester United in the Champions league.Stuttgart will always be a first-class club stay, there are already much much bigger and more important players than my humble self out here.

From me thanks again to all the fans for their support especially after my 2-year-old break for injuries, that helped me a lot and I will never forget that. I hope you continue to support the team in the relegation battle like you have done so outstandingly till now, and I hope that I’m after the league decent of you can say goodbye.


Didavi has been very impressive with 10 goals and 4 assists in 23 starts in all competitions this season. He is thriving under new coach Jurgen Kramny. He is also the joint-highest goal scoring midfielder in the Bundesliga this season with only BVB’s Marco Reus matching this impressive feat while his performance this season has helped Stuttgart stay twelve points clear of the relegation zone.

Despite offers from abroad; notably from Tottenham as per reports; Didavi has stressed on the point in the recently held press conference where he has announced the move; said that he never considered moving abroad because he knew it would be difficult “without a big name or as a national team player.”

Daniel Didavi has worked under Hecking in Nurnberg before; probably one of the reasons he has chosen to play for the Lower Saxony club. His letter on Facebook received a good amount of positive response; with many fans wishing him good luck but some others also expressing their sadness over his decision of moving over to the Wolves instead of Hertha or Monchengladbach.

As far as the Wolves are concerned, it is a great decision they have made in bringing a scoring midfielder to their squad supply for next season; but Dida will most probably play forward next season as a lone striker in a 4-2-3-1 or play along with Draxler,Arnold and Caliguiri in a 4-1-4-1.Perhaps; the combined effect of Draxler and Arnold can give the effect of  De Bruyne whose sell they might be regretting gravely now. The best part of this transfer is that it was free for Wolfsburg. So even if Daniel Didavi turns out to be a flop, which isn’t mostly possible but you cannot rule out that (Max Kruse hasn’t been that impressive this season) they can cash him in the transfer market.

Looks like a sensible move from Didavi and we all wish him GOOD LUCK!!