Chelsea has ‘No plans to sell Eden Hazard’


Chelsea has ‘No plans to sell Eden Hazard’, says Daily Telegraph’s chief writer Sam Wallace. The Belgian international has not scored yer for defending Champions Chelsea this season amid making 26 appearances for the Blues in the English Premier League. The double player of the year award winner has not been at his best for Chelsea throughout the season which sparked rumours that Chelsea may sell their best talent.

Eden Hazard is one of the most wanted stars in the football world with Real Madrid waiting for a chance to pounce at. The Los Blancos eye Eden Hazard as the direct replacement to club’s all-time leading goalscorer Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He has had a dreadful season, there are no two ways about it.”
“The feeling at Chelsea is that it would be foolish to sell him, he has been the Player of the Year. Twelve months ago he was a very good player and they believe he will be a good player again.”
“And it goes back to the point we made earlier about what does a great manager do? Does he come in and buy a whole new team? Or does he work with what he has got and try and improve it?,” the Daily Telegraph’s chief football writer said.
Eden Hazard
Chelsea has ‘No plans to sell Eden Hazard’
Sam Wallace is right that no manager can offload a whole team and buy a new one, but Antoine Conte made it very clear that he will not prefer any player if the player does not show ‘passion’ on the field. So far this season, the Blues were more frustrated with the Belgian because of his attitude on the pitch rather than his form. The fans are still ready to keep him, but all they want is commitment and dedication on the field which the entire Chelsea team lacked this season.
Chelsea has ‘No plans to sell Eden Hazard’, of course, they will not! Why does a club like Chelsea with all the financial backup would sell the world’s one of the best young talents especially while building a squad? It makes no sense. But if Eden Hazard is not ready to say, then it’s better for Chelsea that they offload the Belgian when he has so many offers rather than taking a risk by playing a half-hearted player as their attacking lead.