Chelsea in talks with Lionel Messi


The Blues hold a meeting with the argentine’s father recently to discuss a potential move to the Stamford Bridge. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic is a well-known admirer of the Barcelona forward and wants the player at the West London for a long time. Last season, Chelsea were linked with the player when it is reported that Lionel Messi will consider moving away from the Camp Nou after not getting along with new manager Luis Enrique. Nothing such happened and Chelsea end up losing, Messi and Enrique get along really good and won a ‘treble’ for Barcelona.

 Lionel Messi’s status in Spain is once again questioned after he and his father are sentenced to 21 months in jail for tax fraud on Spain government. Though the pair will not the sentence, it is expected that the case will force Messi to leave Spain. After Spain, England is believed to be Lionel Messi’s next destination.

Chelsea in talks with Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

English clubs did not stay low for too long as they are already in talks with the player’s caretaker which is his father. Chelsea and Manchester City are the first two teams to offer Messi a contract and the Blues are in the lead according to the recent reports.

Chelsea are ready to spend as high as £110m to the services of Lionel Messi and are promised to up the player’s wages. Messi is currently earning £600,000 per week at Barcelona. The chances of Messi leaving the Camp Nou is very very slim considering the fact that Messi is one of the most celebrated legends of Barcelona and is considered as an ‘invaluable gem’ by the board. The player also has an unbreakable bond with Barcelona and its fans. The bond is so strong that even the Argentine fans envy it.

Lionel Messi has recently announced his retirement from International Football after losing in the final of Copa America to Chile. That is Messi’s third consecutive lost in a final for Argentina. Messi’s international woes and his problems with the Spain government may see him decide his future soon, but Messi leaving Barcelona is still an impossible transfer.