Bayern Munich CEO slammed by fans


Bayern Munich CEO slammed by fans: During Tuesday’s Champions League match against Benfica, Bayern fans took the chance to protest against the proposal of a European Super League, that has been making the news frequently in recent months,since Rummenigge has talked about a third big league to come up in the following years with the potential of overtaking the already existing Champions League and Europa League.

However,Bayern fans have rendered such talks and discussions to be completely useless and wasteful.

“Sporting spirit has to animate all who call themselves Bayern. Seedings, wildcard, Super League. Stop that nonsense”

This hasn’t been the only case when Rummenigge has had his opinions held in contrast with the opinion of the fans.

Another sect of the Bayern ultras Schickeria Munchen; has also slammed Rummenigge for backing an opinion of scheduling the league games on Monday nights; which consequently increases the marketability of the league.

Rummenigge had made a rather controversial statement in defense of his opinion on Monday night games:

“Nobody is in favor of a further fragmentation of the match day,the problem is that we all want a lot of money from TV, and that’s why we have to add sugar to the coffee.”

Bayern fans took their opportunity to lash out at the Bayern CEO for the statement with a banner that read :

“Your coffee will be English tea soon. And that doesn’t taste well.”

The reason Bayern fans, or even their biggest title rivals located at North Rhine Westphalia for that matter,are against such internationalization and money making strategy; is pretty simple.

Fans are RIGHT to be against anything that pertains to screwing over the smaller or mid-level teams.They are not wrong to be in favor of keeping the current format of teams rightfully earning their place amongst the best teams in Europe, not teams just having a place because of the club’s “status.” Such a discrimination is cruel and criminal.

Also in  such a Super League; there would be a massive decrease in income of national leagues.People would just tune in to watch Super League matches while national leagues get all the more neglected.This would indirectly mean a further decrease in the income of smaller clubs who still stick to play such national leagues.This decrease in income would mean a lot to smaller leagues like the Eredivisie and the Bundesliga much more than it means to the EPL;due to existing financial disparities between these leagues and the EPL already.

This decrease in income would catalyze the already increasing gap between the big and the small clubs.This would mean the conversion of national leagues into football factories;with its clubs producing talent and stars who will eventually move to the Super League.It is just the mega version of the EPL with the difference being that; this would be a battle of big giants.

Such an introduction of competition will only make the emergence of a new star club in Europe utterly IMPOSSIBLE because the teams that get into the Super League would bring in heavy investments to stay in the league; that would merely take a toll on rising clubs like Hertha Berlin,Monchengladbach,Sevilla,Bilbao and Villarreal for example.

Let Barcelona, Madrid,Bayern and Paris Saint-Germain have their own league and play each other. After a few years, fans will be bored of the repetitive nature of the ties.It is good to watch two brilliant teams face off against each other, but such an encounter would also mean a series of scoreless draws and a game ending in nothing but a midfield battle.

As described before; making such a Super League solely based on the club’s financial status would mean a highly partial selection of teams for such a league.Teams like Sevilla and Dortmund are then; most likely to be neglected for giving to place to average teams like Manchester United and the decent-if-not-good teams like Manchester City.

Such a league will obviously be made for the business.So excluding clubs like Manchester United for the sake of better performing teams in Europe does not do good for the gaffers running the league.Then,we would be seeing a big list of Premier League clubs making the league selection.

This would also mean a huge shift in TV Broadcasters away from domestic leagues resulting in a gradual decrease in the popularity of the domestic leagues worldwide.Teams that now play in the Superleague would no longer identify with their country,making them very internationalized and isolating themselves from the local fan support.This would mean lesser stadium attendances for such Super League teams; with most of the viewers being foreigners watching the league from abroad; rather than cheering for the club from your stadium.

Ticket prices would then rocket up to unimaginable prices.The stadiums would no longer have any atmosphere which is the very thing that makes Football beautiful.

Ultimately such a system would just result in the isolation of fans from the club they support; killing football and promoting the disease of commercialization to the highest extent.

Even talking about an idea of such a league is itself a disease implanted in the mind of an honorable CEO like Rummenigge does not suit him one bit.The fans are right to protest and we should join in; to be able to make such a decision impossible and unattainable for THE GOOD OF FOOTBALL.

DFB has also been babbling about changing the match days to Monday nights … for more money.The kick-off times is also going to be revised. Although moving the kickoff times would make more TV money and attract international fans (because of  time zones), attending games on weekdays when there’re work and school is hard for the German fans.
Bayern Munich fans slam club CEO
They’re trying too hard to turn the Bundesliga into a mercenary vision akin to that of the EPL, and it is reported that effective changes would take place by 2017/18.The Bundesliga is known for its fan support and the DFB’s fear and consideration of what the fans want.We all should be protesting against such nonsensical decisions which only commercialize the game and destroy its BEAUTY!!!