Arsene Wenger can’t take Arsenal forward, Gunners Legend


Arsene Wenger can’t take Arsenal forward: Arsenal Legend Alan Smith slammed Arsene Wenger for yet again falling in the English Premier League summit. Arsenal started the season as first favorites to clinch the Premier League title, but failed in the process and are now battling for a Champions League berth. This season, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool, all the top Premier League contenders were not in the title race and most of the people predicted an easy English Premier League crown for the Gunners, but as usual, the Gunners split it away.

Alan Smith¬†talked on behalf of the Gunners who are blaming the French man for Arsenal’s failures. Smith has won two first division Championship with Arsenal and has won Two Golden boot awards while playing for the Gunners. The Gunners has won just Three Premier League titles after Smith’s time. Though the former is concerned about the struggles that Wenger faced building the Emirates Stadium, he feels the French man is taking the pride too much and is no more the manager Arsenal require.

“You don’t want to go out on a low after what he’s achieved at this club, but he has always gone on record as saying if he felt he couldn’t take the team forward and improve the team he would walk away.”

“Can he improve this team? I’ve got my doubts and I think a lot of other people have. He has been here a long time.”

“When George Graham was here I played for him for eight years and by the end of that time, we had heard all of his rollickings and all of his team talks. It does get a bit stale.”

“Wenger has done well to last 20 years, but I go back to words like ‘optimism’ and ‘excitement’. Will there be that inside this stadium for the first kick-off of next season given the situation with the other clubs and all their new managers?” he told Sky Sports.

Alan Smith’s concern is actually a fear in most of the Gunners’ hearts, the fans are not sure how much Arsene Wenger will offer against the likes of Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp,¬†Mauricio Pochettino and the talks of Jose Mourinho to Manchester United is getting stronger. Arsene Wenger can’t take Arsenal forward? Looks a bit harsh on the best manager that Arsenal ever had, but it’s not something we can dismiss easily.