Who is Marcos Alonso ? A look at Chelsea’s new ‘Ashley Cole’


Chelsea’s New ‘Ashley Cole’ ? Well, the Chelsea Legend’s boots are still missing at the Stamford Bridge and Chelsea has not given up yet in their pursuit to sign a left-back who can finally put an end to this selection ‘dilemma’. Chelsea’s left side was well-protected and was very dangerous while build-up’s !! That was before four years. After Ashley Cole was released by Jose Mourinho in 2013, Chelsea has not found a player to do the left-back duty. Who is Marcos Alonso ? The most asked question among the Blues after Chelsea shocked the world bu signing the Spaniard.

The former Fiorentina fullback is the third natural left-back signed by Chelsea to replace Ashley Cole. The title “Who is Marcus Alonso? A Look at Chelsea’s new ‘Ashley Cole,'” doesn’t really mean Alonso is Chelsea’s next Cole. But, it is written so in the sense that Chelsea’s hunt for a ‘permanent’ Left-back still goes on. Cesar Azpilicueta has been so consistent on the left side, he is not a ‘natural’ left-back. Also, the Spaniard’s inability to provide any major attacking threat on the left side weakens Chelsea at times. Add to this, Chelsea need to move Azpilicueta to the right side to replace the ageing Branislav Ivanovic.

The Serbian is one of the last pieces of Chelsea’s famous Champions League-winning squad and is now in his twilight days. Ivanovic’s replacement is crucial for Chelsea’s success and with Azpilicueta, Chelsea has an instant successor. It’s time for Chelsea to play the Spanish duo on the flanks and bid to form a partnership that can go a long way.

Who is Marcos Alonso ? Chelsea’s new ‘Ashley Cole’ replacer

Club Career

After Graduating from the La Fabrica facilities of Real Madrid, the Spanish defender joined English Premier League side Bolton Wanderers in 2010. Just like with Real Madrid, Alonso had to spend most of his days with the under-21 team in his first two years in England. But in his last year, Alonso won The Bolton News’ player of the year, winning 37% of the vote. Visit our website to know more. The 2011-12 season provided the breakthrough for the Real Madrid youth talent.

In 2013, Alonso joined Fiorentina on a three-year deal for free. He refused to sign the contract extension at Bolton. Alonso made 85 appearances for Fiorentina in his three years stay with the Italian side. In between, he spent a loan spell at Sunderland and helped them retain their Premier League status. He made 20 appearances for the Black Cats.

Marcos Alonso’s experience in the English Premier League has played vital in Chelsea’s decision. The Blues have failed with Filipe Luis and Baba Rahaman as both have struggled to adapt to the EPL’s pressure. Both the left-backs did not receive enough chances, but in a top club, you can not expect that. Alonso may not face the same fate since he has a very good chance of breaking Chelsea’s starting XI.


  • A Left-footed Left-back is one of Chelsea’s important needs. Alonso’s presence fills that blank left unfilled.
  • He has a very good attacking sense and can score some goals. He has a good record of scoring goals in his stints with Bolton, Sunderland and Fiorentina.
  • Alonso’s physique has improved a lot in the recent years and at 25, he is ready to battle with the EPL’s forwards.
  • Tackles – One of the areas in which Alonso has improved very good with age. Alonso is a very good tackler of the ball and his slides rarely go bad.
  • The knowledge about the EPL and forwards can help him settle very fast which Luis nor Rahaman can’t.
  • Marcos Alonso can deliver very good balls from the deep or from the flanks which can be very useful in the EPL.
  • Quality on the ball – Alonso is one of the finest full-backs in footing the ball. He can use the ball very well and can dribble past players easily to create a goal scoring chance.
  • Arial Strength – One of the rare qualities you can find in a left-back. Generaly, the left-backs are quick, good in ball and can dribble. But, strong in the Air? Only a few can and Alonso is one of them.
  • Azpilicueta is a Spanish International and Alonso’s presence can make the pack complete. The duo can understand each other very well which is something Azpilicueta never had with Chelsea’s fullbacks. Though he played a lot with Ivanovic, the duo can not do anything amazing.

Who is Marcos Alonso? Final Word

Who is Marcos Alonso? Overall, Chelsea have bought the RIGHT player at the RIGHT time. The Blues needed a perfect Left-back and now, they got one in MARCOS ALONSO ! We can not be sure whether the Spaniard can fill in the heavy boots left by Ashley Cole. But, we can certain about one thing that Chelsea’s move is pretty right. The Blues can go a long way with the Spanish fullback combination.