Real Madrid don’t need PAUL POGBA, why ?


Real Madrid don’t need Paul Pogba, WHY? Real Madrid are defeated by Manchester United in Paul Pogba race. It will be apter if the sentence is written as ‘Real Madrid back off in Paul Pogba chase’. Real Madrid decided to back off from Paul Pogba race as they thought the price tag and agent’s fee involved is too damn high. They are very right in the decision. A 120m Euros for a midfielder who has not achieved anything as big as what the other Two best record signings of Real Madrid have achieved is just a overhype. Paul Pogba is definitely a world-class midfielder but he is not worth the 120m price tag right now.

The price tags don’t need to be ‘worthy’ in every transfer since the transfer fee is determined considering a lot of attributes. In Pogba’s case, his youth and abilities are the reasons why he is rated highly. Also, his agent Mino Raiola is desperate to make Pogba’s deal a world record and Manchester United are desperate for a midfielder of Paul Pogba’s calibre to get their lost form and pride back. Real Madrid have no such desperation in signing Pogba. Also, the Los Blancos do not agree with Raiola’s commission, according to reports.

Other than the financial reasons, Real Madrid has some valid points to back away from Pogba chase. In fact, the Galacticos do not need a ‘Galactico signing’ at this time. I have a number of reasons to vouch for this claim.

Real Madrid don’t need Paul Pogba, WHY?


The Brazilian central defensive midfielder is without a doubt one of the finest young defensive midfielders in the world at this moment. And, Casemiro is strong, a rock in front of the defensive line, a good ball player, can pass the ball quite good, he links very well with his team-mates, he can control his area, is very calm, a good tackler. Casemiro is one of the vital players for Zinedine Zidane last season, having played almost all the games under the French man.

Real Madrid don't need Paul Pogba

After taking over from Rafa Benitez, the first change Zidane made was playing Casemiro in the starting XI. The decision has been very fruitful for Real Madrid as Casemiro played a rock solid role in front of Real Madrid’s volatile defence. Casemiro’s presence gave Sergio Ramos and Pepe a big relief. Ramos was not in his full form last season and was arguably the worst defender for Real Madrid. Pepe, Carvajal and Marcelo were much better than Ramos last season. Though the Captain scored a very important goal in the Champions League final, his contributions to the team were not up to his usual standards.

Without Casemiro, the likes of Ramos and Pepe would have suffered big and Real Madrid might not have won the La Undecima.

Real Madrid don’t need Paul Pogba, WHY?

2. Toni Kroos and Lula Modric

You have to agree to this! Kroos and Modric partnership is the sexiest midfield combination you can see these days. The Real Madrid duo understands the game, controls the game and dictate every move Real Madrid make. Real Madrid will be making the biggest mistake if they decide to break this fabulous pair. Kroos and Modric are like, made for each other! Kroos’ calmness and control in the central midfield along with Modric’s presence of mind and vision makes Real Madrid the biggest threat to any opponent.

Real Madrid don't need Paul Pogba

Last season, Zidane had very less time to understand his players and plan his tactics every game. But now, they had a complete preseason together and will only be more threatening in the future. With Kroos – Modric bossing the creative side of midfield and Casemiro rocking behind them, Real Madrid do not need an additional central midfielder who will demand a regular first team berth. Denying Pogba a starting birth is a crime so is denying Casemiro’s much-deserved chances. The Brazilian served Real Madrid with his whole heart last season and now, the Los Blancos should return him the favour.

Real Madrid don’t need Paul Pogba, WHY?

3. Strong Bench 

Can anyone boast a better bench than Real Madrid? In my personal opinion, that’s impossible! Isco Alarcon and James Rodriguez ! Two players who can make the first team at any other top club with zero problems. James Rodriguez is already considered as a ‘special’ player to look after and Isco’s skills are being compared with the great Zinedine Zidane. The French man himself has revealed on many occasions that how good a player is Isco. It will not be an exaggeration if I say Zidane is an admirer of Isco Alarcon. A lot of people admire the former Malaga man’s skills.

Real Madrid don't need Paul Pogba

Then, there is Lucas Vazquez, Mateo Kovacic, Marco Asensio who are all waiting for a chance to prove their mettle. If anyone of this three players earns a good amount of playing time, then they will definitely make the senior lads fear about their position. Lucas Vazquez has already done that last season and has made more appearance than James Rodriguez for Real Madrid under Zidane.

Real Madrid don’t need Paul Pogba, WHY?

4. La Fabrica 

In the recent years, people have talked more about La Masia and almost forgot one of the best academies of all time, The La Fabrica facilities of Real Madrid. Real Madrid’s academy players have shined better in the last few years, thanks to Alvaro Morata, Daniel Carvajal and Jese Rodriguez. But they are not prospects now. The real prospects showed their colours in the preseason game against Chelsea in the International Champions Cup. Zidane’s elder son Enzo Zidane, Marcus Llorente and Alex Febas made their debut for the first team last week.

Real Madrid don't need Paul Pogba

Along with the academy products, the sensational Norway international Martin Odegaard too is urging to promote himself to the first team. Real Madrid do not have a shortage for talents. They don’t need to BUY players anymore. With Zidane making the calls, Real will do a far better job in the future.

Paul Pogba is an extraordinary player, but Real Madrid also has a very good bunch of extraordinary players and will be very good even without the very expensive French man. Zidane’s admiration and eagerness to coach Pogba can bring Pogba to Real Madrid, but that day is not in the touchable future. Pogba can play for Real Madrid, but before that he has some lessons to learn. Until then, Real Madrid will be making a new history. 🙂 🙂