N’Golo Kante pursuit displays lack of confidence from TOP EPL teams

As my fellow colleague reported that big clubs have wasted no time in joining the race for signing recent Premier League title-winning midfielder and unarguably last season’s best defensive midfielder in the league, N’golo Kante. His rate of tackling and interceptions and his relentless running all over the field has already displayed what a quality player he really is. While rumours suggest that Liverpool have freshly joined the race already contested between Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. I don’t want to question Kante’s abilities, but rather ponder upon the fact that have the top clubs have seriously lost confidence in their first choice defensive midfielders that they have become so desperate to sign him?
Kante - Goal
First things first, when asked upon the desire to leave Leicester and play for a bigger club, Kante himself said:

“For now, I am happy at Leicester, I do not pay too much attention to everything that is said. For now, I am in Leicester and I focus on the Euros. ”

“I think that my season at Leicester surprised everybody. People liked to see a new Premier League champion. We had a magnificent season. And then, my debut with France went well. Maybe my journey also helps compared to other people who come from amateur football. I try to stay the same. I am not aware that my personality is different.”

These statements are enough to display his satisfaction in playing again for Leicester next season. After all, Leicester gave him a chance for his first top-flight season and he will be just returning the favour.


On second thoughts, even if Kante changes his mind to join a bigger club, will it be sensible for teams to replace quality players which are already there in the squad with him? Because let’s face it Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool already have top quality defensive midfielders in their squad who are well renowned over the whole league and also have proved themselves at bigger stages. Nemanja Matic, Francis Coquelin, Morgan Schneiderlin, and Jordan Henderson !!
Nemanja Matic was the best defensive midfielder in the 2014-15 season and helped Chelsea win the league title in style. Also, he was one of the few players who delivered good performances in Chelsea’s disastrous season just the next year. Francis Coquelin had an immediate and solid impact upon his re-introduction as Arsenal were lacking that quality in the defensive midfield role for years and he performed in such a way that Arsenal went on an 8-match winning streak in the same season. Not to forget that Arsenal have already signed Bundesliga’s one of the best central midfielders Granit Xhaka who is a physical player and is more defensive minded.
Morgan Schniederlin was one of the best defensive midfielders for some years with Southampton in the league and this only fact led Manchester United to snap him up. And with Jordan Henderson, Liverpool don’t only get a quality midfielder but also a leader which was desperately required after the departure of legendary Steven Gerrard. Also, Liverpool have got a promising young midfielder in Emre Can who has performed admirably in Klopp’s system.
While let’s not forget the main argument that how much fantastic Kante’s performances were, the whole Leicester team had a dream season where every player performed way up to the mark. Not only Kante but Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez even defenders like Huth, Morgan, Fuchs who didn’t have enough recognition in the past performed beyond everyone’s expectations. But that was only one unexpected season. Who knows the future? Next season the team might not click together perfectly and Kante’s performances mightn’t look as impressive as last season. We have already seen such a disaster with Chelsea who had one of the best managers in Jose Mourinho.
After having a bad season, from the viewpoint of top clubs and their managers, it has become so desperate that they have to keep themselves busy in the transfer window looking for another defensive midfielder, and they want N’Golo Kante. Even if they want to increase the squad depth and competition, Kante would only demand first team opportunities which will only threaten the position of already present first choice players. Hence, it raises a serious issue that Kante’s pursuit really points towards the lack of confidence in first choice DM’s !