Jose Mourinho Vs Carlo Ancelotti – An unending debate


Jose Mourinho Vs Carlo Ancelotti – One of the undecidable debates you can have since both the managers have achieved almost everything possibly a manager can achieve in the football world. Of course, only the club level is referred since both the managers have not managed National sides yet. Yesterday, me and our fellow writer Abijeeth Thirumalainathan had an intense argument on this issue, who is better ? Is it Jose Mourinho or the Italian wins over the Portuguese ? For a change, we did not take the managers’ VICTORIES to decide who is better, we took their TERRIBLE EXPERIENCES !!

For Carlo Ancelotti, it is his last job (i.e), Real Madrid ! The Santiago Bernabeu is never a place to feel safe especially when you have a president who has zero patience. Both Carlo Ancelotti and Jose Mourinho were sacked by Perez. For Jose Mourinho, it is his disastrous season with Chelsea. Who expected a renown winner like Jose Mourinho to get the axe in the middle of a season? I did not !

Though Carlo Ancelotti has so much support from Real Madrid fans, Florentino Perez and his board thought the Italian failed. In Mourinho’s case, Roman Abramovich who is as ruthless as Florentino Perez had no better options this time than sacking his best ever manager. Jose Mourinho is more than a manager for Chelsea people, but Roman did not care, all he want is WINS and when a manager fails, he has to face the axe. No exceptions !! Just like Ancelotti, Mourinho also had full support from the Chelsea fans and club legends.

Jose Mourinho Vs Carlo Ancelotti – Where it went WRONG for the two best managers ?

Starting from Carlo Ancelotti, the Italian enjoyed a 22 match winning streak with Real Madrid before getting sacked as Real Madrid finished runners in the La Liga race and lost the UCL to Barcelona, being knocked out by runners-up Juventus in the semi-finals. There were a number of serious injury concerns to Real Madrid players who were ‘key’ to Carlo Ancelotti’s system. Luka Modric, James Rodriguez, and Gareth Bale all suffered injury blows in the second half of the season and missed games in regular intervals. Isco, a bench player played more minutes than all the three above-mentioned and that’s enough to understand how vulnerable the injuries were.

In the middle of the season, Real Madrid were leading the La Liga table and were clear favourites to defend their Champions League crown, a defeat has not been achieved still. They were on a winning streak, their attacking super powers ‘The BBC’ were in stunning form, they had every other best thing to achieve their targets, but even the players of Real Madrid did not understand quite clearly how they bottled their chances. They were almost knocked out by Roberto di Matteo’s Schalke in the UCL Round of 16 and scored just one goal against Atletico Madrid in the two legs of the quarter-final only to be knocked out by Juventus in the semi-final.

Finishing second in the La Liga table and losing at the semi-final stages of UCL did not help Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian was sacked at the end of the season and Real Madrid started searching replacements.

Coming to Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese really had a terrible experience at Chelsea, a club he loves more than any other clubs he worked for. He won a double the previous year, breaking numerous records and creating some of his own. Chelsea played like a real Champions from the very start of the season and stayed in the top of the table until the end to clinch the most prestigious English Premier League title. But, how can the defending champions lose their form completely the very next season ? Only Chelsea players can answer that question.

As usual, Jose Mourinho lost his control in the dressing room in his third year of his second stint at Chelsea. It is reported that Mourinho’s outrage on former club doctor Eva Carneiro was the first reason why some of the ‘most influential’ Chelsea players formed a ‘gang’ to get the manager sacked. It is even reported that some players intentionally underperformed to get Mourinho sacked. The Stamford Bridge crowd were backing the Portuguese and asking the club to fire the ‘rats’ (the players who underperformed) and not to sack the manager.

Will Roman Abramovich listen to them? NO !! He listened to his technical team headed by Michael Emenalo with whom Mourinho reportedly had a personal battle. The axe finally fell on Mourinho’s head and he was dispossessed of all the charges with immediate effort.

Though the sack is unbearable to the Chelsea fans, they also should agree to the fact that Jose took some hard decisions after the glorious second season. Always admired as a ruthless man, Jose Mourinho did not live up to his own definitions as he showed too much mercy on his ‘underperforming’ players and deservingly got sacked. Chelsea did not risk losing their key players for the sake of Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho Vs Carlo Ancelotti – A Conclusion to the never ending debate

Coming to our Jose Mourinho Vs Carlo Ancelotti debate, though both the managers have proved what they are capable of in the past and achieved big things with more than one club, they do also have weaknesses. For Carlo Ancelotti, it is his ‘lack of rotation’ and ‘failing to analyse his players’ physical condition’ caused his job and for Jose Mourinho, it is his ‘softness’ on his favourite players and ‘do not take risk’ policy in team selection.

A team is nothing without a manager, it is TRUE !! But a manager should always know his team to the core, respect his players, respect his staffs and he should always CONTROL HIS TEAM unless his job will not be his.