How a Missed Penalty Won the Euros for Portugal


Well, it’s been almost a week since the Euro 2016 has got over and there has been endless theories, Grudges and so on. While all this has been happening, I just realised how Ronaldo missing a penalty might have actually won the Euros for Portugal with added help from Sergio Ramos.

For all the calculations this Euro 2016 table has brought us, It’s been a bit of a headache to get the tables sorted but If Portugal had indeed finished second of the group or maybe topped, chances are high that they would have ended up against England, France in the knockouts. And, If Sergio Ramos had scored his penalty against Croatia, it might have been Portugal on the opposite end stuck with the traditional heavyweights Germany, Italy and France giving us an early Finale.

How a Missed Penalty Won the Euros for Portugal

It’s actually interesting to note and see the positives of this 24 team tournament. Granted! The football hasn’t been action packed but isn’t that the beauty of it, though? Ronaldo might have hated himself for missing the decisive Penalty and being the ruthless Perfectionist which he is known for. People can even assume he had nightmares the entire day. Guess Ronaldo might be happy to miss as many Penalties as he can in the future if they all can give him a Silverware.

So as the talking point goes, the complaints rain as people continuously arguing that Portugal did not deserve the trophy. But, a people of about 10 million in that small country in Europe care very less about ‘how they won’ it seems as long as they won and gave them the happiness in the current Economic crisis gripping the country.

Portugal may not have played the best sort of football that most people wants to see, but as per the great Sir Alex Ferguson, you need a SOLID DEFENCE to win trophies and Portugal has done exactly that. They were rock solid in the knockout stages and were the deserved winners for the effort they put on the field as a team. We see people taking ‘a missed penalty’ so lightly, but this tournament proved how ‘cruel’ a missed penalty can be.