Why it is Critical for Real Madrid to Keep Alvaro Morata


Well, Alvaro Morata !! Who would have imagined him being the most wanted striker in Europe when he joined Juventus two seasons back? His goal-scoring statistics look mediocre when compared to the goal scoring forwards like Luis Suarez, Robert Lewandowski, Gonzalo Higuain and even an injury-plagued Sergio Aguero has a better scoring rate than the Spaniard. I was having a conversation during one of Spain’s the Euro 2016 fixtures with a few fans from Arsenal who were defending that Vardy would be the perfect fit for Arsenal and not Morata due to his Goal Scoring record. During the course of this conversation, Morata ended up scoring twice for Spain with brilliant off the ball movements.

Why should Real Madrid keep Alvaro Morata

Goal Scoring has been kept as the yardstick of greatness these days in Football that no-one tends to bat an eye-lid for the persons who are involved in it. Case in point, just ask Pepe how he feels about Antoine Griezmann winning the best player for EURO 2016. We tend to forget the person who ends up assisting or starts the attack and mostly this relates to both Messi and Ronaldo’s hardcore fanbase where name-calling and creating MEME’s over the internet has maybe laid the roots for World War 3.

Alvaro Morata falls unfortunately under this category. The non-existent field player who lays the foundation on which others thrive. What keeps a player like Morata is his selfless play which doesn’t involve hogging the limelight, Pogba might be worth 100 Million in the market but a few of those millions might have been added because he played alongside Morata. The way the players around him thrive after he ends up opening space for the other attackers in the team speaks volumes of his ability.

It’s highly critical for Real Madrid to keep hold of this young CANTERA output like Dani Carvajal and with Benzema proving to be one of those strikers who do not have a like-a-like replacement, Real Madrid might have got an upgrade in Morata and with Benzema getting stuck in murky waters with his Off-field life. Madrid might be wise to start revolving the team around Morata on the Number 9 role even it means Benzema takes a hit after his most prolific season.