Jose Mourinho and Chelsea – An Eternal Love


Jose Mourinho and Chelsea – When my ‘team head’ gave me this topic, he told me this: “Don’t be a fanatic, Jose Mourinho and Chelsea are no more related, take this up in your mind.” It sounded like a RED alarm warning to me, but the Blue Blood that runs through my veins won’t allow me to report this news as just a ‘news’. Jose Mourinho has his Chelsea’s winning moment pictures on his cabinet wall. The Manchester United boss’ wife Matilde Mourinho pictured a photo of his husband at his Manchester United Cabinet where the photos of Jose Mourinho’s time at Chelsea decorate. How can I not be emotional while reporting this? I have NO CLUE !!

Jose Mourinho in his Manchester United cabinet

It is no secret that Jose Mourinho and Chelsea have a bond that binds them together beyond the limits. It’s not about the Chelsea board, the directors, the owner, not even the players. It’s the bond that binds a fan with his club, with his fellow BLUES. YES ! Jose Mourinho is a BLUE. The photos are just yet another proof of that. It’s not the achievements he values the most, it’s the CLUB he values, Chelsea is his most favourite club.

If he values the achievements (seen in the photos) bigger, he arguably has bigger successes with Porto and Inter. He won a ‘treble’ with both the clubs. A treble is the BIGGEST dream for any manager in Europe. But he does not have his treble success in front of him. Then, there is Real Madrid ! The world’s largest club, the world’s richest club, the club of the last century and much more, where he beat the ‘best ever’ team of Barcelona and won the Spanish LaLiga. The attacking unit Mourinho built at Real Madrid is considered as one of the most lethal attacks in the decade. The team he built still has the traces in Real Madrid. It has been three years since he left Real Madrid and the Blancos has changed three managers. Still, the squad has his name written.

Jose Mourinho and Chelsea – An Eternal Love

Then, Why Chelsea ? Why the Blues, the ‘not so’ big club from London when he has amazing records with the world’s best team, the club which threw him away just like that ? It’s very simple: He loves Chelsea. Jose Mourinho and Chelsea is an eternal love story. When Roman Abramovic took over Chelsea back in 2003, he had one dream; to make Chelsea one of the biggest clubs in the World and Jose Mourinho is his best trump card so far. Jose Mourinho is Chelsea’s best ever manager. He has won THREE League titles for the Blues in his five and a half years at the Stamford Bridge. Chelsea has four EPL’s in total and Mourinho has won three of them, that speaks volumes!

Chelsea is equally important to Jose Mourinho as he is important to the club. Coming out from Porto winning the ‘treble’, he had a hell lot of doubters, even his Champions League win was questioned. A part of the people thought that Jose’s UCL success is a fluke and is heavily coupled with the lack of strong contenders in the competition that year. It is at Chelsea, he made a name for himself. It is at Chelsea, he proved his haters that what he has achieved with FC Porto will not end. He won back to back English Premier League titles when Arsene Wenger, Rafael Benitez, Roberto Mancini and the King of English Premier League Sir Alex Ferguson were there.

Jose Mourinho and Chelsea – An Eternal Love story beyond normal eyes’ reach

It is at Chelsea, the whole world saw there is a storm coming. He then proved his mettle with Inter Milan and Real Madrid. Then he made a comeback to Chelsea and the Premier League and won it for the third time breaking a hell lot of records.

Jose Mourinho had rifles with almost all the clubs he worked for and his last one with Chelsea was a disaster. The reality is no one expected Mourinho’s second stint with Chelsea being ruined just like that. When he came back, he had one thing in mind; He wanted to paint his name in the club’s history. He wanted to create a dynasty of his own with the Blues. For that, he rejected the interests from Manchester United but the fate has something written for him.

In Indian mythology, there is a luxury that if something undesirable happens to you, you just put all the blame on something called FATE and get over with it. Why should I miss the luxury? Whether it’s Micheal Emenalo or Jose Mourinho himself, but his sack was just FATE. Nothing else !!

But the fate has forgotten one thing. Jose Mourinho is ONE OF US, he is ‘The Special One’ of Chelsea. You may take him out of my club, but he will forever remain as our dearest Jose Mourinho and his love for my club is Eternal. Jose Mourinho and Chelsea – The Love story is ETERNAL !!