Why the Euro 2016 Final is poised to Entertain?


Euro 2016 Final – It’s Portugal Vs France !! Think a lot of people including the one writing this article expressed shock when France rolled Germany over. A genuine shock because for once Germany were chasing the game than controlling it in a long time, Gomez was sorely missed and Low should take some blame for not bringing in another proper N0.9. Portugal on the other hand virtually played the best game of this tournament from their end, finally firing on all cylinders. Who would have expected that when this team crawled in the group stages,  finishing just third and qualified with the help of a better goal difference !

So there we have it ! It’s Antoine Griezmann vs Ronaldo, the rematch of UCL Final 2016 just in a space of weeks, but it would be criminal to dub it that way. Cristiano Ronaldo might be the star but he will be playing alongside Nani and Quaresma, Sanches and João Mário. Antoine Griezmann, on the other hand, have Paul Pogba, M’Golo Kanté, and OliverGiroud to fall back on. The interesting thing to note is that both these teams actually started the tournament as slow as possible. At least France picked up the gear soon but Portugal have won the match in 90 mins only in the Semifinals, that says a lot.

Why the Euro 2016 Final is poised to Entertain the World?

The reason though this might turn into a cracker is fair because both teams have shown the dogged mentality of a champion. The ability to find that extra special moment to turn the tide. France did so against Ireland, Portugal did it with Hungary and almost against all their opponents in the knock-out stage.  We have Ronaldo’s personal point to prove that he can lead his country to a National trophy and Griezmann wanting to etch his name alongside the legendary Platini and Zidane. In case the teams don’t cause enough action, these two individuals will definitely be trying to prove to the world that their names belong among the pantheon of greats.

Antoine Griezmaan - France - Euro 2016 Final Though France has other stars in Paul Pogba, Dimitri Payet and N’Golo Kante who all have been at focal points when the tournament began, it is Antoine Griezmann who took responsibility and has been the face of France in the tournament so far. The Atletico Madrid winger failed to outshine Cristiano Ronaldo in the last UEFA Champions League final where he missed a crucial penalty which caused Atletico Madrid dearly in the end. Griezmann would be eagerly waiting to change the image and prove to Ronaldo that he is no less to the veteran Portuguese.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Euro 2016 Final

Cristiano Ronaldo is always the face of the team he plays in for, whether it is Real Madrid or Portugal or any other team. Ronaldo will be at the focal point for Portugal and his desperation to win something for his nation will definitely boost the giant’s thirst. Also, Ronaldo will be eyeing to take over Griezmann in the race for the Euro 2016 Golden Boot which will bring more personal reasons for Ronaldo to battle on the pitch.

Euro 2016 Final

Whether France can regain their International pride or Portugal can claim their maiden title, It’s sure that the Euro 2016 Final is going to be one of the episodes you simply can’t wait to see.