Cristiano Ronaldo and his ‘REAL’ Love


Cristiano Ronaldo and his ‘real’ love ! Well, it’s a bit difficult to find his love because the former Manchester United star is famous for his fond for beautiful girls. But, we do not need to care about his love for beautiful girls, do we? All we care for is his FOOTBALL and that’s what we are going to see here. We all know Cristiano Ronaldo has a boundless love for his ‘parent’ club Manchester United. Though he is not a Red Devil youth product, he considers himself as a Red Devil indeed and Sir Alex Ferguson as his ‘father’.

But, does his true love lies with the English giants? I doubt it, strongly. As the title suggests, we are going to talk about his ‘real’ love, his real love for REAL MADRID !! The Los Blancos are fondly called as ‘Real’ or just ‘Madrid’ by the club fans, even in a conversation among the football pundits, the term ‘Real’ or ‘Madrid’ refers the Los Galacticos. Cristiano Ronaldo and his ‘REAL’ love ! The Portuguese love the Royal Whites of Spain boundlessly, it’s a bond made in heaven if I have to write this from a Madridista’s point of view. YES ! The bond is really made in heaven.

Ronaldo’s transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid can not be taken into account since there can be numerous reasons behind it. Real Madrid are undoubtedly a bigger club than Manchester United. The Blancos can offer a player better wages, bigger sponsorship deals, bigger fan follows, and the pride in wearing the White jersey alone is bigger than everything for a player who dreams of playing for the club ever since he was a teenager.


Cristiano Ronaldo and his ‘REAL’ Love

Ronaldo revealed that he had the desire to play for Real Madrid from the day he started to play football. The statement can not be neglected as a ‘compliment on face’ because we have seen a lot of players say the same when they move to a top club. But in Ronaldo’s case, he rejected interest from Barcelona and he dared to face the wrath of his father Sir Alex Ferguson who did not like the transfer a bit. SAF revealed in his book that he offered Ronaldo to Barcelona, but the Portuguese rejected any negotiations and signed with Real Madrid. The first incident that showed his love for Real Madrid.

Ever since he joined Real Madrid, the Spanish giants failed to keep their hands up in the competition for La Liga and Champions League and were thoroughly dominated by their fierce rivals Barcelona. Cristiano Ronaldo received more than just criticisms for failing to produce Silverwares to Real Madrid. Though Ronaldo did his part brilliantly, Real Madrid can not break Barcelona’s dominance. Sadly, Ronaldo was accused of the loses Real Madrid suffered and the comparisons with Lionel Messi made things much worse for the Portuguese.

Ronaldo was portrayed as a ‘selfish’ player and was criticised heavily for his cocky attitude on the pitch. He was called as an ‘arrogant’, a selfish and he was abused in words that can not be written here. In that hard time, Ronaldo received an offer, an offer that could have changed the impressions on him completely, an offer that could have reunited him with his father Sir Alex Ferguson. The Legendary Manchester United boss asked the Portuguese to return to Old Trafford, join hands with him as he thought Ronaldo will fancy a return considering the hard times he suffered. But as a matter of big surprise, Cristiano Ronaldo stayed put. He got an extended contract deal, but why a player who earns the most in the athlete world care about money, he can earn that from anywhere. With Manchester United, he could have had the extra support of fans that the Madridistas often fail to give.

Not just Manchester United, Ronaldo had offers from French champions Paris Saint-Germain. The Abu Dhabi powered giants were ready to splash anything on Ronaldo to lure him to the Prince de France. There were even talks that Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is ready to offload the star when the sands favour him as it’s expected that Ronaldo will suffer physical issues. Again, Ronaldo stood firmly behind Real Madrid and delivered whenever he was needed.

In the last two Champions League title wins Real Madrid enjoyed, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the most goals, not for the club but in the entire tournament he was the best goalscorer in the last three seasons in which Real Madrid won two of it. The La Decima and the La Undecima !! Maybe Cristiano Ronaldo did not give a man of the match performance in every game which hard for any human being, but his services to the club are nothing less. He is undoubtedly Real Madrid’s best player in the past seasons.

Add to that, he was jeered by the Bernabeu crowd, not just once but everytime Real Madrid suffered a major setback, he was booed badly. He was Real Madrid’s only hope when no one was there to take the club forward. When Barcelona roared with the famous La Masia champs, Real Madrid had no one to rely on. The pillars who carried Real Madrid during the La Galacticos era were all gone. Raul Gonzalez, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo de Lima, Luis Figo and David Beckham all left Real Madrid or retired.

Real Madrid had no one who can take the club forward, in both directions. On the field and off the field. Ronaldo was there to score goals when Madrid needed an INSPIRATION, he was there to maintain Real Madrid’s pride as the World’s richest clubs. He was there for the club ALL THE TIME.

When he was compared with Lionel Messi and ridiculed for not helping Real Madrid to win as much as trophies like Barcelona in the last decade, he would have easily made the decision to give up at Madrid and left the club. If he had left, he would have performed the same, he would have scored the same, but he would have won more HEARTS and would not have portrayed as a ‘bad’ guy. Ronaldo sacrifices all that just because he loves Real Madrid, he loves the White jersey, he plays for the BADGE. It’s Real Madrid he loves, he does not need to prove anything more. He already is one of the greats of Real Madrid. He belongs to the same stage where Alfredo di Stefano, Emilio Butragueño stands. The Legends list in Real Madrid is very long so that I have to miss most of them, I apologise for that Legends.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his ‘REAL’ love, it is ENDLESS !! He is a Real Madrid Legend !! He deserves an extended contract, but to retire at the Santiago Bernabeu ? I doubt that. When the great Iker Casillas did not get that pride, then who can ?