Chelsea – The Most Hated Club? Here is an answer from a Blue


Come on ! BRING IT ON ! The Blue Lions of London are all roaring after hearing they are ‘the Most Hated Club’ in England. Expected !! But the ‘hatred’ the Blues received in the last few years has crossed the limits it seems. It’s not easy to dethrone Manchester United. Still, the Red Devils are the Biggest Club in England and of course the Richest club. It will take a lifetime for someone to remove Manchester United from that honour. All thanks to the Great Sir Alex Ferguson.Chelsea - The Most Hated Club in England

As they say, it is not easy to be the BEST, it is the toughest job to be the KING of something. Because you will always have oppositions and will have to face the utmost ‘hatred’. Manchester United suffered just that but until Sir Alex Ferguson was there and now the Blues have overtaken them. Not a surprise! If the BEST team should receive the utmost ‘hatred’ then the Blues deserve to be hated.

The Londoners are arguably the only consistent performers in the European Elite stage, trying their best to keep England’s Champions League berths alive. From 2012, when Chelsea won their debut Champions League, the Blues have been England’s best European contenders. The best deserves to be hated, but all the BEST teams are hated by the MOST PEOPLE? Let’s take a look:

Chelsea – The Most Hated Club in England

Bayern Munich !! Undoubtedly, the German giants were, are and hopefully, will be the Best Club in Germany. And it will not be an exaggeration if someone says “Bayern Munich are the most hated club in Germany!” The Bavarians are hated by almost all of the non-Bundesliga fans as most of them think Bayern Munich ruins the competition in Bundesliga by buying the best players of their rivals. The recent signing of Mario Gotze, Robert Lewandowski made the situation worse, but does that affect the Munich giants? No! Not at all!

Juventus !! The Bianconeri are the other European giants who are hated the most for dominating their domestic competitions for a half decade. Italy’s all-time best club has won five Serie A titles in a row starting from 2011 and are the clear favourites to extend that to six next year. The Shining Glory that Juventus has is what brings more hatred towards the club among the general audience. People think the Old Lady are buying Glory rather than winning it. Just like Bayern, Juventus are also criticised for possessing a heavy financial base, a far better one than their domestic rivals.

The Luxury of being ‘The Most Hated’

In Chelsea’s case, the Blues are not the richest club in England nor have the richest owner, but their financial power has grown to a new level since the Champions League crown. And Jose Mourinho has helped them cement their financial position further by winning the English Premier League and Capital One Cup in 2014. The note to make from Mourinho’s second stint as Chelsea manager is, the net spend Chelsea made over the three years is almost NIL. Chelsea earned a quite good sum by selling their star players and Mourinho bought good players at arguably a lower cost. Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa and Willian are all examples how effective Mourinho’s transfers were.

Chelsea did not just win the League in 2015, they DOMINATED every one of their opponents during that one year course. Not a single person on this Earth will want to be dominated! So does is England’s top clubs and Chelsea earned a big hatred from all of them. The magnitude took a big leap, big thanks to Jose Mourinho and his ‘no care’ attitude. Mourinho played a big role in bringing the anger out of English fans. He surely was not a good rival to any of them. His rivalry with Arsene Wenger is very well known and he started to take a dig at everyone he is playing against. Mourinho’s talks offered no help and the amount of hatred Chelsea received got bigger and bigger.

Chelsea - The Most Hated Club in England

There is no doubt that Jose Mourinho is Chelsea’s best ever manager, but he also is the very reason why Chelsea beat Manchester United to ‘The Most Hated Club’ race. Anyway, beating a giant like Manchester United and being recognised as your country’s BEST CLUB is not that bad.

Chelsea The Best – Not The Most Hated

Chelsea is the most hated club in England !! Which symbolises Chelsea as the BEST CLUB IN ENGLAND even after having a disastrous season. Chelsea will find their form back soon and will make sure that the title remains at the Stamford Bridge. After all, it gives us the assurity that we are the best club in England. 🙂 🙂