Arsenal and Ambition – A Good Joke


Arsenal and Ambition – There are a lot of A’s involved with Arsenal. Starting from their name, their best ever manager, but the ‘Ambition’ is not one of the A’s. Arsenal are on a path of destruction and the only reason is, they lack the most important A (i.e) Ambition. Not just the rival fans, even a part of the Gunners’ fan base is losing their patience with their clubs’ non-ambitious transfer activities.

I had a little chat with an Arsenal fan, a friend of mine, a hardcore Gunner as I know of him, I have seen him standing beside his Gunner against anyone. I never saw him taking a simple insult on Arsenal, but the chat I had was a reverse of what I have known so for about him. He was so angry, he was completely unstable and he almost broke to pieces when saying this; “I fear Arsenal may end up as a Mid-table team.” That kind of statements don’t easily come off and from a Gunner, well, I have not even dreamt of this happening.

What is making the fans so unrested in the Arsenal camp? Transfer? Or Trophies? In my opinion, the two T’s have a big relation and the ‘A’ we are talking about is the key. Without Ambition, you can not do transfers in the modern era and without transfers, there is no guarantee of titles. Football has evolved ever since it was born and now it is taking another big leap, to say the least. MONEY !!! That’s the new evolution we are seeing and it feels like a ‘forced’ one. The area where the great Arsene Wenger can’t evolve.

Arsenal and Ambition – A long lost relationship

Arsene Wenger and his crew are very well recognised for making young talents improve to a whole new level and have proved that the ACADEMY PLAYERS can win you trophies. The ‘Invincibles’ of Arsenal showed just how brutal can Arsenal and Arsene Wenger can be. But, where is that team now? What happened to the Legendry Arsene Wenger? He had the ‘debt’ excuse for some time, but Arsenal are way past that period. Arsenal are one of the most profitable brands in World Football.

While the likes of Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Liverpool who all have a tradition of using young talents from their academy have started to invest on transfers. It’s not because they do not trust their youths, it’s just because the game has evolved to a new level and every team needs investments, reinforcements, transfers every summer to survive and compete at the highest level. Why Arsenal are an excuse? They claim to be one of the best teams in Europe, so it’s obvious that big things are expected from them. But the hard truth is, they have not lived up to the expected level. Not even once in the last 13 years. A few FA Cup Wins do not convince the entire fan base.

Arsenal fans want BIG TROPHIES, BIGGER achievements, BIGGER honours than the FA Cups. Arsene Wenger should also consider his fans’ wish once and should give up his ego in transfers. It’s good to be ‘smart’ while doing transfers, but trying to be ‘over smart’ may end making you a ‘loser’ and that’s what Arsenal is now.

Arsenal and Ambition

Arsenal and Ambition – What is Ambition in the modern Era?

The whole world knew that Arsenal’s striker force let Arsene Wenger down many times. With Oliver Giroud missing the easiest of chances and Danny Welbeck sitting on the sidelines, Arsenal fans wanted a BIG STRIKER to lead the club to Glory. Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, and Granit Xhaka can help the team stay in the Top 4, but to achieve a bit more beyond the top 4 mark, Arsenal needs a striker. Failing to secure almost all their top striker targets owing to spending restrictions just shows the ambition of the club.

When you are being rated as one of the most profitable clubs in the world and you have one of the most loyal, one of the largest fans the highest ticket prices in your country, you have to show your AMBITION in the way the world acknowledges it. In the modern football, money and transfer have become the vital part in a club’s Glory. Gareth Bale for Real Madrid, Luis Suarez and Neymar for Barcelona, Robert Lewandowski and Douglas Costa for Bayern Munich, Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa for Chelsea, there are a lot of other examples to prove why transfer are vital. And in this Era, the value of money is damn low. Luis Figo’s transfer to Real Madrid was once the world’s most expensive transfer and the deal cost £37.2m. Now, even a ‘rotational’ player cost that sum.

Arsenal and Ambition – What the other ‘big boys’ are doing?

Barcelona signed Andre Gomes for more than £30m. Real Madrid signed Mateo Kovacic for around £30m. Chelsea signed Michy Barshuayo for a reported £32.2m. I think these stats are enough to show how money is being used in transfers nowadays. I’m not asking Arsenal to spend blindly, but if you are really intended to compete for BIG HONOURS, you need to spend big. Even the Leicester City management splashed some cash beyond their usual level before their historic season.

Borussia Dortmund has been splashing some cash in transfer this year and their only aim is the Bundesliga. To achieve that they need to beat the ‘big boys’ Bayern Munich. BVB have realised they should get replacements instantly to post a bigger threat and they showed their ambition by snapping up Mario Gotze, Sebastian Rode, and recently Andre Schurrle for a whopping transfer fee. It all says one thing: BVB’s ambition is the Bundesliga title.

Arsenal and Ambition – The Big Joke of this summer transfer window

What Arsenal has done in the transfer window so far? Granit Xhaka is the only notable player signed by Arsene Wenger in the summer transfer window. The deal is very good and is a much-needed one also. But, what about the rest of the areas of the team that needs bolstering desperately? A Centre back and a top striker is still a due for Gunners and Wenger has no big players left to snap up.

Arsenal’s continuous failures in transfers and subsequently in title races show this very clearly: ‘Arsenal and Ambition’ is becoming a joke now. Arsenal has no ambition than finishing in the top 4 and making some decent profit back to home. They do not want to win, they just want to compete for a Champions League spot.

PS: I wish I was all wrong in the ‘Ambition’ part, but only the Gunners can prove me wrong and they have only one way: Win something bigger than the FA Cup.